Spiced Rum Apples and Sweet Mountain Apple Wine

Spiced Rum Apples

There are two foods that always come to mind during autumn in Virginia: pumpkins and apples. Thankfully, there’s no choosing between the two today as this recipe features both fall favorites, along with other warming flavors like brown sugar and spiced rum. These pretty-as-a-picture Spiced Rum Apples are served piping hot, topped with buttery, sugary oatmeal. Cut one open to discover a boozy, spicy pumpkin butter center. Top with a cool dollop of whipped cream and prepare to astound any brunch or dinner guests coming your way this season.



4 apples

2 teaspoons pumpkin butter

¼ cup spiced rum

1 cup rolled oats

½ cup flour

½ cup brown sugar


1. Preheat oven to 375°.

2. Use a knife to core the tops of each apple, removing the core and seeds.

3. Divide pumpkin butter and rum equally between each apple, pouring inside the hallowed out core.

4. Mash butter, oats, flour and brown sugar into a paste, and divide into four equal balls.

5. Press the oat mixture onto the top of each apple.

6. Place on a baking sheet and cook until the crumble is crisp and the apples are soft, about 30 minutes.

7. Serve hot and topped with whipped cream.

To contrast the boozy sweetness found in this dish, opt for something light and crisp, like Chateau Morrisette’s Sweet Mountain Apple. Created with a variety of Winesap, Pink Lady and Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples, this fruit wine bursts with the vibrant freshness of just-picked apples. It’s sweet (but not overly sweet), smooth and light bodied with a clean, crisp finish.

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